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All loved up at the Hogar del Niño golf tournament

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Casa de Campo golf, Hogar del ninoLast Saturday February 14th, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day, the Casa de Campo community shared the love as the Hogar del Niño asked “will you be my valentine”? And as always one of the most popular activities of the day was the golf tournament. 

Lia Matos, Gala Matos, Hogar del NinoPlayed on the La Romana Country Club, the tournament proved so popular that the tee-off times were divided into two groups, with the first group heading out bright and early at 8am (which is also when the tennis and biking started), and the second group driving off at 1:30pm.

Although all groups were treated to a number of surprises on their way around the course, the most popular being the MacDonalds food stop, the morning group were lucky in that they avoided the rain, while the afternoon group were treated to a serenade by some of the Hogar del Niños’s most adorable little ones.

Oh and because this is too funny/tragic to miss out… look at where someone’s ball ended up! Who wouldn’t want a golf ball with their coconut!

An unlucky lie…
coconut golf ball

Later that evening when we asked “where is the love?”, we found it back at the La Romana Country Club where the art themed dinner-dance was celebrated. And it was at this dinner, among the wine, delicious food and dancing that the winners of the Hogar del Niño golf tournament were announced and awarded their trophies.

Hogar del Nino weekend Casa_de_Campo

Hogar del Niño Golf Tournament – Results

Gross Champions: Jose Contreras, Juan Contreras & Carlos Medrano – 57

Net Champions: Enzo Canto, Gilbert Stevanin, Silvana Imbert & Paola Del Vecchio – 52.0

2nd Place Net: Mark & Andrea Horwich, Juan Velasquez & Norma Reubel – 54.3

3rd Place Net: Hector Herrera,  Henry Sarrap – 54.6

The following collection of images were taken by Alejandro Heredia at the La Romana Country Club during the annual Hogar del Niño golf tournament: 

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