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Hoedown 2010: The Donkey Polo Mayhem…

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The Donkey Polo Tournament at last week’s Hoedown on Saturday the 3rd of July was, I must admit, a little chaotic…….it turns out that Donkeys and children are a little harder to manage than I had imagined – neither wanted to do what I told them to!

Before the event began, in between giving orders to put up the flags (thanks Bro!), yelling at men to put the chairs in the right place, moving around the bazaar tables and dragging the donkeys into the Rodeo, I carefully planned a the tournament schedule. Unsurprisingly, it turned out that planning anything to do with Donkeys and children was a complete waste of time, within 5 minutes of trying to organise teams of screaming girls and excited boys (as well as getting the eager parents to fill out the disclaimer form), all hopes of a nice organised tournament was thrown out of the window! Fortunately, no-one seemed to mind and everyone who had a go on the Donkeys seemed to have a great time!

The Donkeys being dragged (literally) by the vaqueros so that the competitors could hit the ball with a broom

The Burritos Banditos: Julissa, Viviana, Sheriff Alejandro and Isabella Ricart
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Also taking part in the event were 2 teams from Casa Grande, who called themselves Casa Grande 1 and Casa Grande 2, shortened to ‘C’ for Casa Grande and ‘C’ for Craig – leaving us all wondering who this mysterious “Craig” was! The two Casa Grande teams wore matching yellow and blue T-shirts and competed against each other, unfortunately I don’t know which team won, but it was clear they all had a great time!

The Girl’s of the Casa Grande team prepare to do battle!!

Showdown at the Hoedown!
Although the kid’s donkey polo tournament had to be canceled in preference of chaotic fun, as we only had 2 adult teams registered for the ‘adult’ tournament, before the donkeys were put to bed, I manged to get these 2 teams of intrepid ladies into the arena for a winner takes all showdown at the hoedown!!!

The two teams were:

La Malicia, a team of energetic and buxom ladies from Santo Domingo who had their own T-Shirts made especially for the occasion.
The players were: Priscilla Kelly, Penelope Rodriguez, Mayre Nesrala and Dina Lina.

Charlie’s Angels, a team of beautiful and bubbly ladies from Casa de Campo, who created their own team uniforn with white T-shirts and red gingham accessories AND a full troupe of cheerleaders complete with pom-poms and colorful cowboy hats!
The players were: Emanuela Giovanetti, Yollmary Genao, Patrizia Marcarini and Rosalba Fico.

And after a tough match in which the Donkeys were not at all co-operative, the Charlie’s Angels team were victorious!!!

Dina Lina, Penelope Rodriguez and Priscilla Kelly – confident and happy before the match began!

The Charlie’s Angels cheerleaders! Go mummy go!!

Rosalba Fico, Yollmary Genao and Patrizia Marcarini nervously wait at the starting line before the match ‘kicked off’

Many thanks to all who came and took part in the Donkey Polo! And many many more thanks to the vaqueros, the Donkeys, Wanda and Enrico Canobio of the Centro Ecuestre for all their help!

These are my photos of the various donkey polo matches:

These photos were taken by my brother Craig (C for Craig), thanks bro!

This event was sponsored by AutoBritánica Ltd.

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