Altos de Chavon

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas! Santa Claus is coming to Altos de Chavon!

santa claus altos de chavon

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santa claus altos de chavon This Saturday the 10th of December, Santa Claus will be making a very special visit to the Bazaar Navideño in Altos de Chavon –  to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! And will be reappearing for photo opportunities and cuddles on a variety of other nights throughout the holiday season. 

Santa’s first appearance will be on Saturday the 10th of December from 4 – 6pm at the Bazaar Navideño in Altos de Chavón and rumor has it that he may make an appearance later that evening with his grandfather, Sinterklaas… here to read more about that rumor!

Santa’s schedule!
If you miss Santa on his first visit to Altos de Chavon (Saturday December the 10th), don’t worry because he’ll be back to make all your Christmas wishes come true on the following days:

10th and 11th of December, 4-6pm
12th, 13th, 15th,17th, 19th and 21st of December, 5-7pm
25th of December, 7-8pm

For photos of Santa’s visit to Altos de Chavón last year, click here!

santa altos de chavon

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