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We don’t particularly need a reason to eat pizza in Casa de Campo but National Pizza Day was celebrated yesterday, February 9th in many countries around the world so we thought we could continue celebrating here in Casa!

We at Casa de Campo Living LOVE pizza and even though it’s not officially celebrated in the Dominican Republic, it’s impossible to pass over the opportunity to celebrate one of our all-time favorite foods. We have compiled a list of our go-to Casa de Campo restaurants where you can go and pick up your favorite slice, or if you’ve got a crowd to feed, a whole pie!

Altos de Chavón

Onno’s Bar and Restaurant

Whilst our personal favorite item to order at Onno’s is their brick oven pizza – the entire Onno’s Bar menu in Altos de Chavón is considered to be the best “bar food” in Casa de Campo and its all available to order for delivery!

Voalá Café Marché

In this cozy space, you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a group of friends or share a cheese board with friends and toast with a good chardonnay. They also have pizza slices made with simple but delicious ingredients.

Café Marietta

Eating delicious pizza on the terrace of Café Marietta is a quintessential Altos de Chavón experience. Overlooking the Chavón River and boasting the best views of the Saint Stanislaus Church, Café Marietta has become the must-visit dining spot for those looking for casual and well-crafted Italian dishes that hit the comfort food spot.

La Marina

Fantastico Forneau

The Fantastico Forneau is the place to go when you are craving warm delicious baked treats both sweet and savory, but did you know they also have flatbread pizza? If you didn’t, make sure you try it the next time you visit them!


Featuring an exquisite international menu with a Mediterranean flair, SBG is a luxurious and elegant venue for a casual dinner, or an evening’s worth of entertainment. Try their different gourmet style brick over pizza options when visiting La Marina, pictured below is their Prosciutto, figs & mascarpone pizza. 

Il Limoncello

For over 20 years, Limoncello has led the way as the ‘Italian joint’ in the Plaza Portofino, their classic menu an attraction for those villa owners and visitors who come just a few times a year, knowing they can rely on their favorite dish still being on the menu. Their most popular choice is undoubtedly the pizzas; thin and crispy and laden with fresh delicious ingredients.

Pizza Limoncello Naples


Peperoni Restaurant specializes in international food. Here you can enjoy a beautiful view of La Marina Casa de Campo. With an extensive menu, and many dishes to choose from one you have to try if you plan to continue celebrating Pizza day is their Burrata Marina.

Minitas Beach

Massa Food Truck and Minitas Beach Club

Minitas has two great places where you can indulge in delicious pizza whilst enjoying a day at the beach or pool. Massa and the Beach Club offers classic and creative pizzas, cooked in their wood-fired oven – definitely a favorite when basking under the Caribbean sun!