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As we hope you already know, Casa de Campo Living’s ‘Teatro de La Comunidad – Buscando el Talento Dominicano’ is taking place on Saturday December the 4th at 7pm AND due to unforeseen circumstances the ‘Juguemos por Los Niños’  games night event has been moved to the same time! uh oh…..    (En Español debajo)

Yesterday, we spoke to our friends at the Hogar del Niño and we came up with a POSSIBLE solution – to move the Hogar del Niño event to Friday December the 3rd. BUT before the Hogar del Niño move their event (again) they have requested that we ask YOU, our community for your opinion.

The Dilema

The Teatro de La Comunidad is an event for the community and by the community, with money being raised for the Hogar del Niño, as well as all the other important and very worthwhile charities in the La Romana area; the Fundación MIR, the Orfanato Niños de Cristo, and the Altos de Chavón Cultural Center Foundation. Naturally to make the event a success we NEED the support of the whole community (thats you!)

Meanwhile the ‘Juguemos por los Niños’ event is raising money to buy much needed medical supplies for the Hogar del Niño.

As both events are raising money for charity it seems rather silly that they should ‘compete’ with each other! And so surely the obvious solution is to move the ‘Juguemos pos los Niños’ to Friday December the 3rd!

The question is: Do you agree?

The Events

1. Teatro de la Comunidad – Buscando el Talento Dominicano

This fantastic event is a talent show and community theatre in the Altos de Chavón amphitheatre! Our talented community members will perform their chosen act in front of an audience of more than 800 people (we hope!) – we have 15 acts already confirmed; singers and dancers from the Abraham Lincoln School, the Fundacion MIR schools, the Gospel Choir of the Hogar del Niño, St John’s school, the Orfanato Niños y Niñas de Cristo, the Colegio Biblico and the Colegio Sagrado Corazon as well some talented individual performers!!

Ticket sales are to raise money for ALL the charities involved; the Hogar del Niño as well as the Fundación MIR, the Orfanato Niños y Niñas de Cristo AND the Fundación Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design.

(If you would like to sell tickets to raise money for a charity that you support – please contact us for more details.)

For full information on this event, click here.

2. ‘Juguemos por los Niños’ Games Night for the Hogar del Niño at La Estancia

This wonderful event is being organised by the Hogar del Niño along with La Estancia and will be a fun evening with many different card games; poker, black jack, baccarat, bridge and many more! The evening is a great (and fun) way to give to the Hogar del Niño with the opportunity to win some money! How will that work? Well the evening costs USD$100 (dinner included), $50 of this goes straight to the Hogar del Niño to buy essential medical supplies, whilst the other $50 goes into the ‘pot’ – and so is potential money for you to win!!

Within this event the 4th annual Torneo de Poker being co-organised by Casa de Campo residents Ivonna Sosa and Patricia Proaño will also be played! The annual poker tournament is always very popular and a lot of fun, for photos of last year’s event, click here or to enroll, please contact Patricia on:

For full information on this event, click here.


Please help the Hogar del Niño decide when to have their event, by voting for one of the 2 options below:

Option #1: Move the ‘Juguemos por los Niños’ to take place on Friday December the 3rd at 8pm.

Option #2: Leave the ‘Juguemos por los Niños’ event on Saturday December the 4th at 7pm to co-incide with the ‘Teatro de la Comunidad’ event, also taking place on Saturday December the 4th at 7pm!!!

Please please please please leave your comments below to let us know what you think!!!

(NOTE: we really can’t move the ‘Teatro de la Comunidad’ so please don’t suggest it!!)

Resumen en Español
Por casualidad el evento nuestro ‘Teatro de la Comunidad’ y el evento del Hogar del Niño ‘Juguemos por Los Niños’ ahora están pautado por lo mismo día y lo mismo tiempo; El Sábado 4 de Diciembre. Obviamente eso no es bueno! A resolver este problema, el Hogar del Niño quiere mover su evento para el día 3 de Diciembre y ellos nos pidieron a preguntar a ustedes su opinion.
El ‘Teatro de la Comunidad ‘ es un Talent Show con presentaciones de la gente mas talentosa de nuestro comunidad y estamos recaudando fondos para las fundaciones de La Romana; El Hogar del Niño, Fundacion MIR, el Orfanato Niños de Cristo y el Altos de Chavón Cultural Center Foundation. Y el evento ‘Juguemos de los Niños’ es una noche de juegos en La Estancia con el motivo a recaudar fondos para comprar medicina para el Hogar del Niño. Dos eventos muy importantes!
Por favor ayuden el Hogar del Niño a decidir en que fecha a poner su evento – elegir uno de los dos opciones abajo:

Opción #1: Mover el ‘Juguemos por los Niños’ por el día 3 de Diciembre a las 8pm

Opción #2: Tener el ‘Juguemos por los Niños’ el día 4 de Diciembre, a coincidir con el evento ‘Teatro de la Comunidad’

Por favor escribir su commentario debajo!