UPDATE: Help find Papillon!! He’s lost in Casa de Campo!

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UPDATE: Papillon has been found!!! He is back to being safe at home. Thank you to everyone who kept their eye out for him.

Hello to you our wonderful Casa de Campo community! Today we are asking for your help to find Papillon, this beautiful chihuahua is lost and alone somewhere in Casa de Campo – please help us find him!

Papillon belongs to our dear friend Marc Olivier who lives in the Barranca neighborhood of Casa de Campo and despite him looking everywhere – he has not yet been found. Papillon is all dark brown, small with big ears and two cream-colored spots around his chest that go up to his neck and nose.

As you can imagine Marc is desperate to get him home safely so if you have any information or have found him please call Marc on 809-915-4350 so that they can be reunited!

If you don’t know anything please help us spread the word by sharing this article and keeping a lookout for him on your way around Casa de Campo.


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