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Hector Vargas Cup comes to an end and Bronze Cup begins!

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The first international Cup of the DR Polo Challenge 2018, the Hector Vargas Cup, came to an end this past weekend with Agualinda taking on Casa de Campo and Lechuza playing against Monterroso. The subsidiary and the final took place at Cancha #2 at the Polo fields this past Saturday, February 3rd.

The tournament began with the national anthem sang by Juleici Yan Franzua from Fundación MIR and beautiful words were spoken giving tribute to Hector Vargas by his daughters and Tony Rivera. Hector Vargas daughters presented the trophy and Khris Joe performed after the matches. The afternoon was a beautiful tribute to polo and family!  

In the Finals, team Lechuza took on team Monterroso in a fast paced game ultimately ending with Monterroso winning 12-5.

Finalist Teams:

Monterosso: Gilberto costanzo 1, Alessandro Bazzoni 1, Ignacio Toccalino 8 and Santiago Toccalino. 8 Total 18.

Lechuza: Víctor Vargas 1, Luís A. Paniagua 0, Gonzalo Von Wernich 7 and Juan M. Nero 10. Total 18.

In the subsidiary match, Agualinda played against Casa de Campo, and though team Casa de Campo played well, Agualinda won in a close game of 9-7.

Subsidiary teams:

Agualinda: Miguel Mendoza 0, Alfredo Vargas1, Julian Mannix 5 and David Stirling 10. Total 16.

Casa de Campo: Leo Matos 0, Rafael Pérez Diez, 0, Agustín Merlos 8 and Fred Mannix 9. Total 17.

The Hector Vargas Cup has officially ended, and now the second tournament of the DR Polo Challenge, the Bronze Cup, is underway! The first match of the Bronze Cup tournament took place on Sunday, February 4th with one game. Team Lechuza took on Team Agualinda at the Cancha #2 at the Polo fields. Lechuza beat Agualinda 8 to 7 in a close game!

The next game of the Bronze Cup tournament Casa de Campo will play Monterosso on Thursday February 8th! Congratulations to all teams and good luck!

*Pictures taken by Mairobi Herrera on February 3rd 2018

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