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Healthy Living by the Cygalle Healing Spa: Luscious Lips!

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In this edition of  ‘Healthy Living by the Cygalle Healing Spa,’ spa manager and beauty expert Pilar Rosario shares with us the secret to sexy, seductive and luscious lips – perfect for kissing!

We at the Cygalle Healing Spa want to share with you the importance of healthy, smooth and soft lips. During seasonal change, especially when the temperature cools, the lips tend to become dry and dehydrated, in addition to cracking which causes pain. 

To avoid these unsightly and unpleasant inconveniences, here are some easy tips and tricks from the Cygalle Healing Spa to make sure you always have enviously luscious lips!

The following are all-natural, easy to prepare and something you can do at home:
• Gently exfoliate your lips with a scrub made from flour and honey (just mix some plain flour with honey, so that it makes a sticky paste!)
• You can use the same flour and honey paste as a special ‘lip-mask.’ Leave the mixture on your lips for 5 minutes before removing
Apply regular eye gel to your lips
• Mix moisturizing coconut oil or cocoa butter with avocado and massage it into your lips by applying the balm or moisturizer with your fingers – tapping every area of your lips to ensure that it penetrates the top layer.

Enjoy your provocative lips that can be the envy for others!!

For those of you, who would rather expereince some nice pampering instead of a home-remedy – the Cygalle Healing Spa offers an Eye and Lip treatment with collagen and seaweed, which is the perfect revival after the Holidays!

For more information and a reservation please call extensions 8529-5665 from 9am to 8pm.

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