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It gives us immense pleasure to say our fall edition of Casa de Campo Living magazine is here!! This year, Casa de Campo Living Magazine has made a few changes which include us going digital and updating our design! The fall magazine looks better than ever! In this special “Throwback” issue, we are sharing some great Casa de Campo #TBT photos by our wonderful friend Carol Burke, honoring all the goodtimes we have had in Casa, and the many more that are to come! 

This is the 34th edition, and in it, you will find two special interviews with two of Casa’s community members. First, we talked to Dr. José López, director of the Central Romana Hospital, and the vice-president of health for the Central Romana Corporation. Dr. López’s commitment and dedication to La Romana and his patients is truly admirable and even more so during these trying times. 

We also had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Rolando Gónzalez-Bunster, founder of InterEnergy. He tells us about how it all started and how he believes in creating a greener future and what he’s doing to help to make it happen. When asked what has been the most rewarding thing about his work over the years, he tells us: “Seeing things that did not exist and that now exist. We have created new projects that have benefited populations; We have brought electricity to areas that did not have it, supplied energy to tourism, we have been a pioneer in clean and renewable energy. The most beautiful thing in life is to be able to say that we have participated in or created something that did not exist. We are making change easier.”

For the adventurer, we have included two exciting excursions that we have close by for anyone who wants to do something different and which can be done in an afternoon, and we also get to know more of popular La Romana Dj, Pedro Rosario, better known as Dj Kambax. During quarantine, many people from around the world turned to cooking not only for not just for sustenance but also for entertainment and comfort. In our community, we are fortunate to have a cooking expert who rose to the occasion; Well known cook Gabriella Reginato used her social media accounts to share recipes and answer questions and for this edition, we got in touch with her to see if she could whip up some recipes inspired in the upcoming months, she accepted and shared some delicious options with us! 

We hope you’ll find in the stories published in our Casa de Campo Living Magazine Summer 2020 edition all that you expect and that the new design in which we have worked hard will be to your liking, hoping that soon you can also receive our printed version as well!