Altos de Chavon

Has Victory been defeated?

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There has not been much in terms of activity these days at the Victory Club, pretty much since Club Onno’s opened its doors in Altos de Chavon. Much of their regular clientele has been migrated to Club Onno’s despite their younger ages of their clientele.  

So bad has the situation gotten, that we hear they have started to allow smoking inside the club…. a move that might both attracts some, and repel others. We also hear that they will be starting to have live DJ’s on the weekends. This would not only be a welcome change, but with a little competition everyone wins!
Hey Victory – if your serious about staying in business, please please please give us a little help in getting there. I know it feels a lot further than it really is, but come on… your just crazy if you think that everyone is willing to walk a mile and a half in order to pay twice as much. The pier at the end of the Casa de Campo Marina is nice and all, but seriously we don’t even have a view from the inside, are you really charging extra for this?
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