Happy National Doctor’s Day!

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National Doctor’s Day is a day that is celebrated to recognize the contributions of doctors who serve their country by caring for its citizens. Their dedication constantly puts the patient first time and time again. Doctor’s Day is observed on different dates across the world, in the United States it is observed on March 30; in India on July 1st, Brazil on October 18th, to mention a few.

Today, August 18th, in the Dominican Republic we celebrate with joy National Doctor’s Day, human beings who in this 2020 have proven to be some of the greatest heroes in history. The contribution to society made by doctors has always been of vital importance. This year, due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, has been particularly hard on medical professionals. Their hard work and dedication since the start of the pandemic have been praiseworthy.

In our country, this celebration was proposed on February 3rd, 1958, and established on September 27th during the government of Héctor Bienvenido “Negro” Trujillo Molina. The day was later changed to August 18 since the Dominican Medical Association was founded on that date in 1891, and renamed in 1962 to Dominican Medical College.

Today more than ever we want to congratulate and recognize the great work done by Dominican doctors and doctors from around the world, who have saved the lives of thousands and risked their own health for the well-being of others.

We want to invite everyone to celebrate these heroes, to give them words of encouragement, keeping them in our prayers so that they can continue forward.

Dear doctors, today and always your country will be forever grateful for your dedication.

Doctors are:

Master experts in saving lives.

Hope for those who feel that their strength is leaving them.

Worthy of admiration for such commendable work.

Illustrious professionals who with passion help us feel safe.Compassionate people who put the health of others before their own

Proud heroes without a cape fighting the smallest but greatest enemies in history.

By: Nancy Desgue

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