Altos de Chavon

Hanna Banana

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Photo of the Chavon river after Tropical Storm Hanna Banana rained for almost two straight days.
As Tropical Storm Hanna pounded the Western part of the island known as Hispañola (as most news sites lovingly call Haiti / the Dominican Republic), we sure did see our share of rain in these here parts. Though looking out today, you’d barely have noticed that it had rained, it did come down on and off (though mainly on) for quite some time yesterday. 
Typically when your in Altos de Chavon, you fail to realize the weather patterns a mere mile or two away. With Hanna Banana though, we noticed the rain, but until we saw the river, we did not appreciate the quantity of water that had come to say hello. 
Anyone got any photos of how this looked at the Marina, or other places in Casa de Campo?
Here are a few more images to whet your appetite. 
Altos de Chavon as the rain poured down…

more rain. It drys quickly, but gets your shoes wet. 
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