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Our fun-loving Casa de Campo crowd is always up for a party and this year you can expect to see all your friends out and about in the resort! Genesis Nightclub in Altos de Chavón is rounding up the lot of them in an awesome Bartender’s Night, while Onno’s Bar & Restaurant preps 2 X 1 on Halloween themed shots and cocktails. Tuck the kids in bed after a sweet afternoon of Trick or Treating and then head to the artist’s village for some spooky fun!

Genesis is serving up some deadly potions by a team of Genesis regulars. Throughout the night, approximately 40 of your favorite community members will rotate in groups, serving vodka, gin, rum, and the like. Costumes are encouraged because this wicked night is all about laughs, good music, and good times.

Pick your poison at Onno’s Bar & Restaurant because come Saturday’s Halloween party, you can have double the trouble! “Bloody Shots” and “Eye Ball Cocktails” sound dangerously good; plus, the award for best costume guarantees you’ll want all your friends there to better your odds at indulging in a night of eating and drinking on the house!

Kids as young as 1 year old can partake in Casa de Campo’s Trick-or-Treating adventure. Starting at 4:00 p.m., little ones will meet at the Villa Owner’s Club in the Marina and hop around all the locales for the tastiest treats. Don’t forget to bring your candy bag! This event’s worth loading up on.

Popular Halloween Costumes inspired by this year’s Top Films & Shows

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.” We can’t help but recite Shakespeare’s lines from MacBeth as we roll into October and prepare for one of our favorite times of the year! Modern Family fans will know what we’re talking about as Julie Bowen’s compulsive character, Claire Dunphy always takes on Halloween like it’s the ice capades. Here in Casa de Campo, party hosts can relate with costume contests that rival the best… Continue reading here.