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Halloween @ Casa del Rio – the full story and photos!

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Last Friday the 30th of October, a Halloween party to rival all Halloween parties was held at the Casa del Rio, in Altos de Chavon, Casa de Campo. From 9pm, ghosts, ghouls, demons and witches, as well as a number of Disney characters, Shrek, the Adams family, a sexy policewoman, Harry Potter (the female version) and many many more weird and wonderful characters crossed the haunted threshold of the Casa del Rio.

From the entranceway to the bathrooms, every inch of the venue had been decorated and covered with Halloween paraphernalia; bats hung from the ceiling, ghouls and vampires hung off the walls, spider’s webs hung everywhere and green ‘techno’ lights, red flashing lights and smoke set the perfect ambience for a night of scary fun!

The organizers did a great job – the open bar was very well stocked and had more than enough waiters to keep even the thirstiest demon happy, the music played all night and was the perfect mix of ‘pop’ and latin, which kept everyone dancing all night long!

Before it got too late, the winners of the Casa de Campo Living Costume Competition were announced and 9 fantastic prizes were given away – donated from Ron Atlantico, Cygalle Healing Spa, CarmenSol, Chinois, Aeropaq La Romana and Pointe Dance Studio. We will be announcing the winners of this competition tomorrow.

To keep up everyone’s stamina up for all the dancing (and to absorb some of the alcohol) a delicious Sancocho soup was served at some point after midnight – delicious!

A message from Patricia Proaño, one of the organizers:

We are thankful to everyone for assisting and for the great effort everyone made with the costumes!!

Here are our photos!!

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