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This Friday, January 21st the Marina Casa de Campo invites you to enjoy a night of live music with Grupo Bonyé in the Plaza Portofino – it’s a great opportunity to visit La Marina and dance the night away!

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Grupo Bonyé, an orchestra made up of 14 musicians formed in 2008, is a well-known music group that every Sunday brings joy to Las Ruinas de San Francisco in the Colonial Zone. This event has become a tradition, where people come to dance and enjoy their music. The band has over 300 songs, including bolero, son, guaracha, montuno, traditional son, salsa, salve, and merengue. With great musical quality and an extensive repertoire, they will have all of the attendees dancing to their smooth tunes in no time!

With the performance taking place in the Plaza Portofino, you can dine in the restaurant of your choice and still appreciate the music as you share quality time with your friends and family!

*Featured image from Grupo Bonyé FB page.

When: Friday, January 21st, from 9 pm

Where: Plaza Portofino, Marina Casa de Campo

Cover charge: It’s free!