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70stop On Saturday the 27th of June Marocha Steak, house in the Casa de Campo Marina, was transported back in time to the 70’s in celebration of the birthdays of Nicola Fini and Sixto Inchaustegui. And boy was it groov-a-licious! This surprisingly well attended event saw more people attend than one could have imagined fitting into Marocha Steak. Once you counted the afros, platform shoes and circulating bottles of champagne, it was hard to imagine there was still room to shake you groove thang. All of Casa de Campo’s coolest cats were out on the prowl, decked out in FULL seventies costume – so much so that it was difficult to recognise even the most well-know of faces! There was a fascinating array of wigs; black afros, blonde afros, pink, purple, blue and even orange hair was seen bobbing around to the funky music and swigging back champagne. It was a funky ride baby! The ladies were in tiny, shagadelic mini-dresses and platform boots, whilst there were men sporting flares, and even a daring few in jean hot pants – ooohhhh be-haaaaave!!! The highlight of the night was the entertainer – a camp man right out of Miami, “Divine”, who did a brilliant job at entertaining the crowd with jokes, songs and totally inappropriate gyrating! Yeah, baby yeah! While the party boogied, jived and got funky all night long, we’ll keep this quick and let the cool cats jump on out from the funky photos. Peace dudes!