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Grinding with Daddy Yankee in Altos de Chavon!

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daddy yankee altos de chavon - casa de camp living

Last Saturday the 4th of April, Daddy Yankee put on an amazing show for 5,000 of his fans in the Altos de Chavon amphitheatre in Casa de Campo.

daddy yankee altos de chavon 2 - casa de camp livingThe show began with a DJ, who warmed up the crowd nicely with a good range of upbeat tracks, compelling a number of the most lively and excited of the audience to dance, even before there was any sign of Daddy Yankee (myself included).

For those of us that arrived on time, it felt like an unbearably long wait for Daddy Yankee to make his first appearance – I was so excited, I was jumping up and down for at least an hour before it began AND I burst both of my booom booms.

At sometime around 10pm, the lights dimmed, the crowd went wild and in a flurry of lights and fireworks Daddy Yankee burst onto the stage!  His energy was contagious – the stadium was full with the screams of fans, people singing along to the songs and EVERYONE gyrating to the music.

‘Flashy, flashy, flashy, flashy……..’

flashy flashy - casa de campo living

If you LOVE regeatton then you LOVE to dance and this was one concert when dancing was a must, lucky that the Altos de Chavon steps are rather large – I was dancing like such a total lunatic a may have fallen off!

Dancing like a lunatic
dancing! Casa de Campo Living

As I predicted Daddy Yankee played ALL his very best and most popular songs: ‘Lo que paso, paso,’ ‘Puse,’ ‘Vuelvas conmigo,’ and of course the classic ‘Dame mas Gasolina.’

No part of this concert was a disappointment, it was excellent from start to finish.

I took several videos, the quality of which are a little dodgy, although quiet amusing – you can tell I’m singing and dancing!

A few photos of people waiting for the concert to begin:

Such a shame he didn’t play “Pasame la botella” although I’m told that’s not even his song……

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