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Kids and parents rejoice! Football is back in Casa de Campo! The Real Madrid Foundation soccer school has reopened its door and is ready to welcome all soccer enthusiasts. Following its motto “Train like the best”, the Soccer School’s sports program takes place during the school period, it is aimed at boys and girls from 7 to 17 years old who will be participating in training sessions with the supervision of coaches highly trained and bilingual from the Real Madrid Foundation. Our kids will not only enjoy a great experience learning how to play football like their idols, but they also will share and learn their values: respect, teamwork, transparency, solidarity, commitment, equality, and motivation. 

Mr. Juan Maestre Muñoz will be directing the training sessions this season. He is a certified level 3 technician with ten years of experience coaching football teams of different categories (from category sub 5 to category senior +18 years) in men’s and women’s soccer in Spain, Germany, and the Dominican Republic. Mr. Maestre has moved to Casa de Campo is open to answering any and every question that the parents, as well as the kids, might have. 

The ARMID Foundation – Real Madrid Foundation has been in the country since 2015 creating the first Soccer School in the entire American continent, and opening its first headquarters in Santiago and then in Santo Domingo. Real Madrid, one of the most recognized teams in world football, which through its Real Madrid Foundation and together with the ARMID Foundation, have worked together to contribute to those in need in the country, supporting various social causes and awakening the interest of children and youth in soccer, the king of the world. 

In order to guarantee our kids safety during this new season, the school will be following these protocols:

*This protocol may undergo modifications to adapt to current regulations at all times.

Hygiene Protocol before the practice:

  • Player must arrive on time to the access area to the soccer field
  • Player must access the soccer field following the access line with a separation of 2 meters between players.
  • The player’s temperature will be taken in this access area to the soccer field.
  • The player will clean the soles of their boots in the access area to the soccer field.
  • The player will wash their hands with hydroalcoholic gel.
  • The player will enter the central circle from where the training will be explained to him and then he will go to the training area that has been assigned to him.
  • At the end of the training, the player can go to the parents’ collection area. Players must bring their own water bottle for hydration
  • The coaches will clean the balls at the beginning of the training sessions and will have the hydroalcoholic gel for cleaning the hands of players and coaches.
  • Parents may not be at the access points to the soccer field and pick up players. They may be at a specific point and always maintaining a safety distance with any other personnel of two meters and using their mask.

Hygiene Protocol during practice:

  • The coaches will disinfect the sports equipment daily (before and after each session)
  • Players will disinfect their soccer boots and hands at the entrance to the soccer field.
  • The player will carry out his training session in a space delimited for him or her exclusively.
  • There will be a separation of the training spaces. Each player will have their own space delimited by caps and cones. The courts will be separated avoiding any contact between players and coaches.
  • Every player will have their own ball, their water bottle, their mask (for before and after training) and their own uniform that they will have to wear from home.

Separation between players in the training session:

2 types of separation between players which can be made depending on the needs and the number of players per session:

Option 1: 8 Players per session on the soccer field. Each player would have a space of 25 meters by 30 meters to train.

Option 2: 16 Players per session on the Soccer field. Each player would have their own space of 25 meters by 15 meters to train.

If you are interested in enrolling one of your future soccer star you can still do so! You can contact the Casa de Campo Owners Club for more information and you can download the form here. There are also private soccer clinics available for your kids in case they can’t make it to the weekly classes and would like to practice during the weekend. Parents are also encouraged to be part of this unique experience with their children and are welcome to come to the football sessions to see their kids progress. Don’t let them miss out on this opportunity!

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*Pictures taken by Mairobi Herrera