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On Friday, January 12th, The Living Room by Good Vibe hosted this month’s Café de la Leche, collecting milk and formula for the Hogar del Niño crib room! Arriving at the event, guests were greeted with colorful, flavored mojitos and were lead out to The Deck where the sky was changing shades of cotton candy pink and blue. The Deck’s colorful bohemian décor with the picturesque sunset view made for the perfect setting for a community gathering to benefit the kids. Classic, strawberry, chinola, and coconut flavored mojitos were served with chicken and yuca empanadas while guests mingled overlooking the Chavón river.  Live music played both recent hits and classic favorites setting the mood and keeping the good vibes flowing! The Living Room by Good Vibe is exactly what it sounds like, a chic home away from home where people can meet and relax near the serene overlook. It’s white interior splashed with colors resembles it’s overall feel, both vibrant and chill.  The atmosphere is perfect for the art village and unlike anywhere else in Casa de Campo. Community members in attendance also could purchase the book “El Búho y la Lechuza,” available in Spanish, English, and Italian by renowned author Lidia Martínez de Macarrulla, also present at the event, who donated close to 90 books to benefit the charity! Thanks to Café de la Leche’s philanthropic events and the dedicated members of our community, Hogar del Niño’s crib room has the nutrition it needs for over two hundred babies! This Café de la Leche event at The Living Room by Good Vibe was a successful gathering, with guests from all over showing their support for Hogar del Niño! It was the perfect way to start off a charitable year! We look forward to many more evenings spent at The Living Room by Good Vibe and can’t wait for the next Café de la Leche get together! The following pictures were taken by Laura Perdomo, during the first Café de la Leche of the year on Friday, January 12th at the Living Room by Good Vibe.
The Hogar del Niño The Hogar del Niño is a children’s daycare and educational center for over 1500 children, located in La Romana town, just outside of Casa de Campo. Children from as young as just a few weeks old up to 18 years old are cared for and educated daily, from as early as 5:30am and staying as late as 7pm. The organization also provides special schooling to over 75 hearing impaired and blind children, as well as a vocational school where over 235 students receive classes in different areas like: sewing; industrial preparation, installation and electrical maintenance; plumbing and management of computer office programs. Contact the Hogar del Niño on: Tel:(809) 523-8901 or (809) 556-3181 Website: