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On Wednesday, April 12th, golfers gathered at La Marina to celebrate the opening of the 38th Annual Sugar Golf Tournament, hosted by Alfy Fanjul. In partnership with Azimut Yachts, IBI Yachts presented the seaside event and showcased some of their magnificent mega yachts.

As is tradition, IBI Yachts hosted the gathering at the La Casita Restaurant, located near their offices in the Marina Casa de Campo, and it was a perfect choice. With its beautiful view and breezy seaside ambiance, La Casita was the ideal location for the first of many celebrations of the week.

After arriving early in the day for practice rounds on the golf courses, many players and their spouses enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of La Casita, getting to know their competitors better and reconnecting with long-time friends. Over 300 players participated in the Sugar Golf Tournament this year. They were warmly welcomed by Mauro Caslini, President and CEO of IB Nautica, Alice Caslini, and Federico Caslini. Alfy Fanjul warmly welcomed all attendees and encouraged anyone interested in the spectacular yachts on display to contact the evening’s host.

The yachts served as a stunning backdrop for the party, setting the stage for another great start to the Casa de Campo Sugar Golf Tournament. This 38th edition of the tournament continued with practice rounds on Thursday and tournament rounds on Friday and Saturday. The ladies teed off at the Dye Fore (Lakes/Marina) and the Links, while the gentlemen golfers played at the Teeth of the Dog and the La Romana Country Club.

Guests also enjoyed a weekend of shopping at the MIR Sugar Bazaar in the La Romana Country Club clubhouse and numerous social events. The tournament ended on Saturday evening with a prize-giving ceremony and dinner party at the La Romana Country Club.

The following collection of photos was taken by Laura Perdomo during the Welcome Cocktail hosted by IBI Yachts and Azimut Yachts at the Marina Casa de Campo on Wednesday, April 12th.