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Arriving to the La Romana Country Club Saturday evening, April 14th, guests walked through the Bazaar filled with booths selling jewelry, home goods, clothing, accessories, and much more before heading downstairs to the perfectly lit up pool area to celebrate another successful Sugar Tournament weekend! String lights hung above the pool and over tables, stretching out and illuminating the space creating a starry feel for the awards ceremony and dinner. The La Romana Country Club catered the event serving salads, sushi, pork, tenderloin, cordon bleu, potatoes, an assortment of veggies, and of course a grand dessert table. The open bar kept drinks flowing as guests mingled and shared stories from the green awaiting the start of the festivities. Before the awards started, Alfy Fanjul gave a farewell speech to David Pfister who has headed off to Lake Tahoe, California to be a head pro! He has been with LRCC for a long time and though he will be missed, we wish him all the best on his new adventure! Moving onto the golf awards, the ladies awards were announced first. The Dye Fore daily low winners were Alexandra Kinney and Caroline Melly with a score of 62! The Links daily low winners were Krystyna Winn and Merrilee Gagnon with a score of 63! The net championship winners were Crista Ryan and Maria Jose Oliva with a score of 119 and the gross division championship winners were Elisa Murai and Carmen Sardina with a score of 154! Congratulations ladies! As for the men’s tournament, the daily low winners for La Romana Country Club on the first day were Ernie Vilar and Ernie Vilar Jr. with a score of 59! The daily low winners for the Teeth of the Dog on the first day were Roy Wagner and Wayne Charness with a score of 58! On the second day, the daily low for La Romana Country club was 58 and the winners were Luis Garcia and Abel Gonzalez. The daily low for the Teeth of the Dog was 62 by Andres Fernandez and Harry Mischel. The net division champions were Jan Kruthoffer and John Kruthoffer with a score of 121! The gross division champions were Scott Copeland and Tom Copeland with a score of 139! Congratulations to all the men! After the awards, the band began playing and the awards stage transformed into a dance floor calling guests up to celebrate and dance the night away! People even got up with the band and played and danced along on stage! It was a fun night filled with great toasts, delicious food, and even greater memories. Another successful Sugar Tournament to add to the books! The following pictures were taken by Wilfredo Alvarez during the awards dinner on April 14th 2018: