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Golf Tips: Links, Hole #9 by Eric Lillibridge

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Golf_tips_Links_9_1When the Links course was renovated 3 years ago, there were a number of great improvements made that really make it a fun track to play.

One of the most improved holes is in fact the 9th hole. I think only a few people have noticed that the back tee was lengthened by more than 70 yards and it is now right off the 8th green. The added length and the bunker improvements in the fairway and greenside have made this a tough finishing hole. Read these tips and finish the front 9 with a great par or better.


1. Off the Tee

This is definitely a hole where you will hit the driver off the tee, unless you are a bomber playing too far forward. If that is the case, carrying the left fairway bunker is your line- this will put a wedge in your hands and could lead to an unlikely birdie. However, if you’re an average hitter off the tee, playing a driver to the left center of the fairway will put you in a great position. Even though this fairway is very generous, way right in the Pajon Grass is no fun, neither is the blind fairway bunker shot to the far left.

2. Approach to the Green

The 9th green is actually a pretty generous green to approach, however, when the course reopened the surface was rock hard and everyone had difficulty holding the green, even with a wedge. Now that the green has matured it’s very approachable and you can almost go for any pin, even back right. A word to the wise… play for the center and you will leave with a smile on your face. Going for a tucked back right pin at the least opportune time may lead to a bogey or more.


3. Around the Green

75% of this green is surrounded by bunkers, so there is a decent chance your ball may roll into one if you don’t successfully find the center. If you find yourself in one of the greenside bunkers, pray that it ends up in the front right, right, or long bunker. The left bunker is a deep Scotland type “Pot Bunker” from where most people have to chip out.

Pot Bunker Success Checklist


  • Wide stance
  • Weight forward
  • Open clubface
  • Ball position forward
  • Hit 2-3 inches behind ball
  • SPEED!

A “Pot Bunker”, also known as a “Pothole Bunker”, is a small, round but very deep bunker with steep faces.

4. Green

This hole has a large green divided into an upper and lower section. Depending on where the pin is located it is better to be on the lower portion because this is the biggest area. However, if you are feeling confident and have a short iron or wedge, go for that upper right pin position.

Good luck and if you have any questions email me at [email protected] or call ext. 3187 to book your lesson today. Remember I offer a 33% discount for Villa Owners!

Eric Lillibridge

Director, JimMcLean Golf Academy

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