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Golf Tips: Dye Fore Hole #1, Par 5 by Eric Lillibridge

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As we all know, Dye Fore is one of the most scenic places in Casa de Campo. The 1st hole on the Marina 9 is by far one of the most challenging opening holes out of the four courses in Casa de Campo. This hole may not have the beautiful vistas of the Chavón River or the Caribbean Sea, but it is a great challenge that can get your round started in a good way or not-so-much. Read my tips below and I promise you will start your round in a positive way.

Off the Tee

Club selection is key on this hole. Many people assume since it is a par 5 you have to hit driver, but that is not the case in this hole. Depending on what tee you are playing, the bunker on the right and the bushes on the left (basically out of bounds) come into play for most people. Now, if you are a long hitter and you can fly it over those two areas then loosen up your hands and swing smooth. However, if you are a little shorter off the tee or are not confident with the direction of your drives, you would be better off hitting 3-wood or hybrid to make sure you avoid any penalties and play it safe.

Lay up or Go for it?

I love watching players play aggressive, it makes it fun and it can build confidence. If you are in the “Go Zone”, go for it!! The only advice I have for you is to aim slightly left of the green to avoid the deep bunker on the front right side of the green. If you are not in the “Go Zone” distance, I want you to choose a yardage between 120 yards and 60 yards and play the shot to your personal favorite distance. This requires a little math so I will give you a quick example. If you have 260 yards to the center of the green, and your ideal wedge shot is 85 yards, you need to hit your second shot 175 total (including bounce and roll).

Approach Tips

I don’t want to give all my personal teaching tips away, but I will reveal a few pitching tips for my beloved Dueños and Hotel Guests. If you find your ball within 100 yards from the flag, read and remember these simple tips:

1.) Start with your weight on your forward foot and keep it there throughout your back swing.
2.) Short pitch or chip shots try to minimize your wrist hinge. Long pitch shots use your wrist.
3.) No matter how far you are away from the pin, set the club on the backswing and use your lower body to initiate the downswing and rotate through.

When accessing this green, you want to make sure you clear the bunker in front of the green, or else you will find yourself in a deep bunker shot that is very difficult. This is a very common theme with Pete Dye courses. For more information on how to get out of a deep bunker please email or call me; Info below.

Putting surface

This is a great opening putting green structure. It is a very large green and there is a lot of slope from the left side to the green that helps the ball gravitate towards the center of the green. There is a low point in the center and the back right portion of the green is pitched up pretty high, creating a fairly difficult or accessible pin location. Pay attention to the slope and think about where the water would drain to…

Eric LillibridgeEric Lillibridge 

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Eric Lillibridge is Casa’s leading expert for golf lessons and club fitting. Casa de Campo Golf Academy offers a 33% discount to Villa Owner for lessons and clinics. The new club fitting room is also the perfect place for checking loft and lies.

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