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Golf Tips: Dye Fore Chavón, Hole #10 by Eric Lillibridge

Dye Fore 10 header

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Dye Fore 10 headerThe 10th hole on the original layout at Dye Fore is a long par 5 overlooking the beautiful Chavón River. However as stunning as this hole may look, this is quite a daunting hole full of trouble!

Follow my 4 tips below and I can assure you you’ll walk away with a par or even better.

Off the Tee

Given this is a long par 5, everyone assumes the driver is the correct club choice… think again you long hitters. Using the driver on hole 10 can actually get you into more trouble than you think. Here is my advice on what you should do whether you are a long or a short ball hitter. We will start with the shorter hitters. You need to drive up the left side of the fairway and pray to your God that it takes a big hop off the bunker into the fairway. If you are a slicer, aim left of the bunker and let it feed to the center of the fairway. If you are a long ball hitter and have a lot of confidence with your driver, aim right over the center of the bunker and give it a rip. If you are long off the tee but lack confidence, I would suggest you hit a 3 wood over the bunker or just right of it and give it a confident swing. But at all costs… avoid the Chavón River on the right!

Dye Fore 10 bunkers

Lay up or go for it

Chances of going for this green in 2 shots is out of the question, but if you have put yourself in the “Go Zone” make sure you keep it slightly left of the hole. The lay up shot is always underrated by most amateurs. You need to figure out what your “go to yardage is”. For example, if you love an 80 yard pitch shot, it would be smart to leave yourself 80 yards to the hole. So if you have 265 yards to the hole, you need to hit a 185 yard shot to get to your perfect yardage.

Yardage Tip

The Casa de Campo Golf Department recently acquired a FlightScope. If you are not familiar with what this is, you should be. The FlightScope is a launch monitor that tracks the ball through the course of its flight using the Doppler Radar. This machine tracks clubhead speed, ball speed, swing path, total distance, ball flight distance, and much much more. I encourage you take a FlightScope lesson so that you know exactly how far you hit each one of your clubs. This is a very important part of golf and shooting lower scores.

Approach to the Green

The fairway is sloped towards the Chavón river, this makes a right hander do two things: 1, you will tend to push the ball or 2, you end up pulling the ball. A good way to avoid these two shots is to grip high on the club, swing smooth, and keep flex in your knees. Play to the center of the green and try not to get greedy on your approach.

Dye Fore 10 green

Green Complex

Since this is a long par 5, the green shape is fairly easy. I’m not saying this is an easy 1 or 2 putt green, but a 3 putt is easily avoidable. Good luck and let the birdies roll in!!

Good luck and if you have any questions email me at [email protected] or call ext. 3187 to book your lesson today. Remember I offer a 33% discount for Villa Owners!

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