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The Gold Cup continues in the Dominican Republic: HB Polo debuts with two consecutive victories and Lechuza continues the winning streak

Polo Challenge RD 2017

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Sunday March 12th, at Lechuza Caracas RD, the club property of Victor Vargas and home base to his team, hosted two very interesting matches. The first was a competition between Sebucan HPA and Lechuza Caracas. These two teams, who played the final of the Bronze Cup, met once again.

Lechuza Caracas due to its machine-like perfect team functioning and to the two star players Juanma Nero and David Stirling Jr. was able once more, to triumph. There was not a single moment of the match where Lechuza lost control of it, and their victory became evident since the first chukka, that already positioned them with a two goal advantage. This difference widened up at a steady pace throughout the chukkas, and the game ended in 13-7.

Polo Challenge RD 2017

Photo by Matias Callejo

The second match was a battle between HB Polo, that had a great debut last Thursday, and Cinque Terre. This match was a rowdy one, and the teams had equal chances to win. But after the first chukka, HB Polo took control of the game, leading all periods by a small difference, until the 4th chukka, when this difference was widened to 9-5. Cinque Terre responded quickly, and managed to score four goals on the following chukkas, but this action came too late, and HB won by 10-9.

Polo Challenge continues on Thursday 16th with the following matches:

HB vs. Sebucan-HPA

Cinque Terre vs. Casa de Campo

Polo Challenge RD 2017

Photo by Matias Callejo

12-Goal category on full throttle:

On Saturday, two games took place in the 12-goal category. The first game was a very rowdy match between Pitirri-El Palenque and the locals Casa de Campo, led by the Bensadon duo, father and son. The strongest team so far, Pitirri-El Palenque, led by Rafa Perez Diez and Enrique Bonetti, were able once again, to dominate the game and win 14-9. Secondly, the game between La Potranca and Costasur was held. La Potranca, the second strongest team just before Pitirri, was able to lead the match throughout all chukkas and won 12-8.

22-Goal Gold Cup teams:

Leo Matos
Ramiro Garrós
Francisco Bensadón
Silvestre Donovan

Alessandro Bazzoni
Juan Ambroggio
Santiago Toccalino
Gerardo Collardin

Victor Vargas
Alfredo Vargas
David Stirling
Juan M. Nero

Ludovic Pailloncy
Gonzalo Deltour
Ignacio Novillo Astrada
Andrés James

Gonzalo Mendoza
Julian Mannix
Ignacio Toccalino
Fred Mannix

The Polo Challenge RD

Polo Challenge RDThe Polo Challenge represents Polo’s first high season in Central America and the Caribbean based in the Dominican Republic. The series of 4 tournaments of up to 22 goals is made during the months of January to April and is conformed by: Gold Cup, Silver Cup, Bronze Cup and Caribbean Open.

Casa de Campo, Los Establos / Cap Cana and Lechuza are the 3 chosen venues, with first level courts prepared to receive players of the size of the 10 handicap goals. The Polo Challenge is an event for the whole family that inaugurates its first season in January 2016.

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