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Gino’s is open and we LOVE it! The pizzas are scrumptious, the pastas are delicious, tasty and al dente and best of all the atmosphere is relaxed. Here we bring you some photos of Gino’s second opening night on Friday the 25th of February. On Thursday the 24th of February Gino’s opened for the first time with a little bit of a party; with plenty of free-flowing wine and a never-ending stream of delicious foods to try. Click here to read more and see the photos from the first opening night. On Friday the 25th of February, Gino’s hosted a second opening or soft opening, which we were hoping would be like the party of the night before, but instead Gino’s decided to open and serve as normal, so on this night the atmosphere was a little more laid back – more like what you would expect from a restaurant than a party! Although we were disappointed not to be able to party again, we nevertheless enjoyed a very nice evening with friends, sampling a range of different pizzas and enjoying a glass of Gino’s delicious house red wine. Of course,  we were not the only ones to come and enjoy the opening on Friday evening, good news travels fast and before 9pm the place was full – with not an empty seat in the house! It was yet another successful night at Gino’s…..of which I hope we can expect many more to come! Here are my photos from the evening: Gino’s is now completely open, everyday from 11am to 3pm and 6.30pm -late, serving delicious pizza and pasta for lunch and dinner! WARNING!! Gino’s is windy! If you have not yet tried Gino’s, trust me, when you do – take a sweater or something to keep you warm! Gino’s are currently working on installing wind shields, but they are not there yet and if you go without a sweater or at least a wrap you will be cold!