Altos de Chavon

Gino in Trastevere closes for the summer!

gino altos de chavon

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gino altos de chavonBad news fans of fantastic Italian food! Our favorite restaurant in Altos de Chavón – Gino in Trastevere has closed for the summer!

Whilst we do not like to be the bearer of bad news (obviously we prefer to bring you news about happy, interesting or exciting things) we thought we’d better let you all know in case you find yourselves craving one of Gino’s delicious thin and crispy pizzas and come up to Altos de Chavón, only to find out that it’s closed!
(Yes that actually happened to me and I was understandably very sad – and then very hungry!!)

Although Gino’s have not yet announced the date that they will re-open, we do at least understand that they will be re-opening – so don’t panic, Gino’s will once again be open for busy sometime soon (we hope!)

In the meantime, alternative eateries in Altos de Chavón include:

Onno’s Bar– who have in my humble opinion the best “bar food” in Casa de Campo, as well as an excellent “American-style” pizza – but watch out for the Margaritas, they are DEADLY (trust me I know!)

La Cantina – who serve classic Latino and Caribbean food, I love the Mofongo!

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