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Friday evening, February 2nd, GianFranco Fini hosted the community at The Gallery in Altos de Chavón for the reveal of his latest exhibit, “Hipótesis de Reconstrucción”. Arriving to the cocktail viewing, guests were offered champagne and mini hors d’oeuvres and greeted by Fini himself. Art viewers mingled, admiring the abstract pieces around The Gallery.

Fini’s artwork was a direct reflection of the process an artist encounters while creating a piece from beginning to end, starting from the blank canvas/untouched clay/block of marble etc through to the finish.

 The exhibit showed the process artists go through conceptualizing ideas and reconstructing an image based off a hypothetical design.  Each of Fini’s individual pieces showed the process as a final result.

Fini’s use of raw materials mixed with different medias and neutral colors creates awe-inspiring pieces of art that cause viewers to backtrack and imagine the piece in all of its stages, starting as nothing but an idea and ending as a construct of the artist’s mind.

The exhibit was filled with incredible pieces created by GianFranco Fini and all of them are for sale! Be sure to check out The Gallery in Altos de Chavón and see GianFranco Fini’s “Hipótesis de Reconstrucción” before March 6!