Casa de Campo villa Gianfranco Fini

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Casa de Campo villa Gianfranco FiniOn Monday January 5th, architect Gianfranco Fini got the 2015 schedule of events and activities off to a beautiful start with an intimate sunset cocktail party at his gorgeous Casa de Campo villa in Vistamar.  Gianfranco Fini welcomed more than 50 guests of the diverse Casa de Campo community, including many Italians, who enjoyed a glass of champagne on the terrace and admired the villa in the light of the setting sun.

Sunset at the Casa de Campo villa of Gianfranco Fini Casa de Campo villa Gianfranco Fini

Taking place in Gianfranco Fini’s new Casa de Campo villa, it was a fine opportunity to admire the architect’s latest architectural creation – something which he refers to as “his pride”. Having designed many traditional villas in Casa de Campo, Gianfranco choose to create his own home in a much more contemporary style, his personal preference. A passionate artist at heart, Gianfranco’s house is as much a home as it is an art gallery, with literally hundreds of artworks collected over the last 50 years. The collection includes paintings and sculptures by Gianfranco himself (some dating back to the 1970’s), as well internationally famous artists such as Andy Warhol, as well as Casa de Campo based artists Fernando Tamburini, Leopoldo Maler and Fernando Varela. The following collection of images were taken during the cocktail party of Gianfranco Fini hosted at his Casa de Campo villa in Vistamar:  And for those of you wanting a little bit of a sneak peak into the architectural wonder of this beautiful Casa de Campo villa, the following images were taken by Lauren Llenas for CasaLife Magazine: [nggallery id=2149]