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With the ‘temporada’ (or ‘high season’ for the gringos) just around the corner, and the ‘windy and rainy’ season almost behind us, its time for the annual race to polish, smooth, mend, prune and maintain everything that is the Casa de Campo resort. Think of it as spring cleaning… just a little behind schedule. This year however is quite an exceptional year, with so much happening in Casa de Campo.

We have the normal things taking place – the fixing / re-paving of any roads that need a little attention, the painting of the median lines, tending to the gardens, cleaning the beach, etc, etc, etc.  Its mainly superficial things that get tended to this time of year – the last touches to make the resort look as good as possible for when the resort becomes packed. All the major maintenance, such as overhauling the phone systems, has already been taken care of, now is just the time to apply the finishing touches of make-up.

In addition to all this, there are also some very exciting restaurants coming to and opening in Casa de Campo.

  • •  First of all, its been confirmed that Marocha Steak House will be opening in November!  We are very excited about this as all carnivores who’ve been in Casa de Campo know – steaks are plentiful, but finding a (consistently) juicy, aged and perfectly cut and prepared steak is something rare.  Marocha Steak House will be located at the Casa de Campo Marina.
  • •  Next up is Papa Jacks – which is undergoing a major overhaul. Papa Jacks owner, David Black, recently informed us how they have been working with Mayra Gonzalez (responsible for design of La Casita, The Beach Club by Le Cirque and the Cygalle Healing Spa) to give new life to this Altos de Chavon landmark.  The remodeling will include an outdoor wooden deck and a refreshing of the inside – which will all be painted by the talented students of the Altos de Chavon School of Design.
  • •  Melissa’s Pastry Boutique – For those who crave a good coffee and a croissant in the mornings, or a light sandwich for lunch or dinner, this is the place you’ll most look forward to. Pastry Chef Melissa Abusada will be bringing her magical touch to Altos de Chavon and will be offering a veritable cornucopia of delicious deserts, pastries and more. Having taken a sneak peek at their establishment, still under construction, but set to open early December / late November, we are not only impressed, but extremely enthusiastic. We are also admittedly worried about our waistlines, as we have no doubt that temptation will be the stable item on the menu. Melissa’s Pastry Boutique will be located on the picturesque square of Altos de Chavon.
  • •  Sangria Tapas Bar & Lounge – More rumors, few facts, but we have heard that there will be a new, authentic, tapas bar opening in Altos de Chavon. Planning on opening in mid-December, all we know is that it will be something different and something special indeed. Located between the amphitheater and the Chavon School of design, in Altos the Chavon, we are hearing only good things, for both day and night.  From what we here, this will also be the perfect place to go have a drink or two after taking a beating from the Pete Dye monster golf course – the Dye Fore!

There are a lot more rumors than there are facts these days – so we’ll do our best to let you know the facts from the fiction.  Also, let us know what you want to hear about – we love hearing from you.

Remember, this site is dedicated to those of us who live in Casa de Campo, as well as being meant to be a helpful guide to those who come here occasionally.