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The gorgeous oceanside resort of Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic has a wonderfully varied and diverse community, among it are many talented artists. Here we introduce you to seven talented Casa artists that are part of the exhibition “Artists in Casa”.

Each one of these lovely ladies contributes a small selection of pieces to create a truly unique and unusually varied exhibit. “Artists in Casa” will be the first exhibition that the Altos de Chavón Gallery will host in over a year! The gallery will open its doors on Saturday, November 20th at 7:00 PM and the exhibit will remain open to the public until Saturday, December 11th, 2021.  

So save the date, and don’t miss it!

Ada Rivera

With her unique creativity, Ada creates photographs combining nature with beauty. “My study or workplace is out in nature; under the sky, amongst the trees, with the birds singing, in the mountains and rivers, in the blue of our beautiful ocean. Pure, divine, and sacred my encounter with our surroundings which connects me with my essence.”

Amércia Olivo

América manages different means of expression; paint, textiles, wax, installation, mixed media, digital images among others. She has participated in multiple collective and individual exhibitions. She divides her time between her artistic production and teaching artistic and creative expression to children, an activity she does in her home studio. “My work is based on artisan and manual processes, rate sewing and dyeing. This transformed him by taking an idea in the openings and bars of Caribbean architecture.”

Claudia Messina

Claudia creates tropical works of art combining his love for the sea, bright colors, and different textures. “Nature, its colors, that tropic so ours are the muses that guide me.”

Mary Rosa Jímenez

Mary is a visual art artist and photographer with a spectacular eye. “My photographic work is for me a magical time in which I immerse myself in a very my own universe full of dreams and colors.”

Rocio Jimenez & Florence Wiriath

Rocio uses her knowledge of architecture, fashion, and interior design to create beautiful and functional pieces whilst Florence Wiriath creates precious sculptures and unique pieces of art.

Olivette Santoni

As a Dominican artist and poet, Olivette creates iconic drawings, paintings, and assemblages. “Poetry is the main protagonist in all my work. I have the firm conviction that everything that is beautiful is poetry. It can be interwoven with memories that sometimes do not even belong to us that gravitate around us seeking to be part of a story or work of art. It is its particular way of defeating death that makes up oblivion.”


When: Saturday, November 20th, 7:00 pm

Where: Altos de Chavón main gallery

What: “Artists en Casa” exhibition by Ada Rivera, Amércia Olivo, Claudia Messina, Florence Wiriath, Mary Rosa Jímenez, Rocio Jimenez, and Olivette Santoni.

Exhibit will remain open to the public until Saturday, December 11th, 2021.