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Erte is Dominican Perfumes’ newest product line of perfumes and aromas developed by Maria Magdalena. The line’s mission is to allow the user to connect with their own beauty, with a particular emphasis on “creativity” and “art”. You’ll be introduced to an array of products like morning bath soaps, cocoa facial masks, face serums, body oils, toner, and more. Within the collection, you’ll also meet Perfume Avenue Viktoria developed earlier this year in Paris. The collection debuts tomorrow, December 29th, at the Jenny Polanco Project in Altos de Chavón at 5 p.m.

Erte collection - Dominican Perfumes

Speaking of Perfume Avenue Viktoria, Maria says: “We commonly know perfumes as accessories to our fashion sense, but with this particular perfume I wanted to create a sense of belonging, to our own universe, in a way that can be taken with you were ever you go.” Avenue Viktoria was created with rare, exotic essentials oils, and has touches of Magnolias, Jasmine, apricots, figs, green pears and Lapacho wood. Their next perfume, Rue Marie is set to launch in February, and Boulevard Magnolia will follow later in 2017.

Traveling in search of inspiration, Maria formulated Erte around nature, earthly paradises, and cosmopolitan and multilingual cities. The new line reflects “the openness and quality of the good host that is the Dominican Republic,” while also welcoming exclusive European glamour. Get to know Erte’s botanical ingredients, velvety textures, and nutrients that provide deep-cleaning and anti-aging results.

See more images of the Erte collection below, provided by Dominican Perfumes:

Erte - Dominican Perfumes
What: Dominican Perfumes presents new collection “Erte” Where: Jenny Polanco Project, Altos de Chavón When: Thursday, December 29th, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

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