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Fundéu Guzman Ariza begins operations in the Dominican Republic

Fundéu Guzmán Ariza

The Fundación del Español Urgente (Foundation of Urgent Spanish) Dominican Republic, Fundéu Guzman Ariza, started its operations last Friday. It will issue recommendations three times a week on the proper use of Spanish, especially in Dominican media.

Fundéu Guzmán Ariza 1

Fabio J. Guzman Ariza, president of Fundéu Guzman Ariza, made the announcement during the opening ceremony held at the Piantini hall of the JW Marriott Hotel, in which he explained that the entity will issue each week a number of recommendations on the best use of the Spanish language, addressed especially to the Dominican media. These recommendations will be taken from texts of various publications in the country, as well as quotes from news programs on radio and television.

“What Fundéu Guzman Ariza wishes to accomplish is that we improve the use of our language in the media, as this has a direct impact on the use of the language in society in general,” said Guzman Ariza, member of the Dominican Academy of Language and corresponding member of the Royal Spanish Academy.

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Guzman Ariza further explained that the initiative is sponsored by the Guzman Ariza Foundation Pro Dominican Academy of Language and the Guzman Ariza law firm, with the institutional support of Fundéu BBVA of Spain, the advice of the Dominican Academy language and the collaboration of the Efe news agency. The CEO of Fundéu BBVA, Joaquín Muller – Thyssen, attending the official launch of its sister organization in the Dominican Republic, noted that the Dominican Republic is the first country other than Spain that has its own Fundéu, and he hopes that this will serve as an example and encourage other countries in Latin America to also contribute to improving the use of the Spanish language in the media.

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Fundéu Guzman Ariza will be emailing the recommendations to journalists of different media outlets and to anyone who shows interest by subscribing to their service, as well as publishing them on its web site,, where any user can inquire about language issues. The team in charge of working with these recommendations and respond to inquiries will be headed by Fabio J. Guzman Ariza and coordinator Ruth Ruiz, along with Rafael Peralta Romero, Roberto E. Guzman, and Professor Rosario Mena. The Foundation will be directed by Manuel Luna Sued and will have a team of advisers with Bruno Rosario Candelier, director of the Dominican Academy of Language, as head of the team, along with journalists Huchi Lora, Homero Figueroa and Ramon Colombo, as well as Mary José Rincón.

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