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Seas and oceans occupy about 71% of the Earth’s surface. This is where life started on our planet millions of years ago. Our Dominican marine ecosystem is truly unique. Coral reefs and rich marine life have been attracting tourists and scuba divers from all over the world. Unfortunately within the past 50 years, seas and coastlines have suffered more and more from major threats that affect their ecological integrity. Some of the most serious threats are overfishing, pollution from the dumping of waste, unplanned coastal development, and changes brought on by global warming, such as the rise in sea level and changes in circulation systems. Fortunately, we have organizations like Fundemar helping to preserve the Dominican marine ecosystem!

The Dominican Foundation of Marine Studies, Inc – Fundemar features a marine station – CECOMAR – in the area of Bayahibe, located in the southeast of the Dominican Republic. Their aim is to prevent damage and restore marine ecosystems. Their multidisciplinary team includes ecologists, marine biologist and education. Through research they work on the promotion of sustainable usage of marine resources. Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to make a difference. Fundemar works at all levels from research to community education, and integrates them into various projects.

One of the main and crucial Fundermar projects is coral reef conservation and restoration. Fundemar develops effective strategies for protecting and restoring coral reefs. It works by setting offshore coral nurseries and transplanting mature coral onto degraded areas. This approach has already given results to Staghorn coral in Fundemar’s original coral garden. It grew at an annual rate of 8 new centimeters of coral for every centimeter of coral originally rescued! Coral reefs are vital for marine ecosytems! Healthy coral reefs provide protection from coastal storms, and food and resources for organisms that live and produce white sand. Fundemar needs our help to save coral for future generations.

Fundemar started a fundraiser adopt coral at Generocity. com to raise funds for reefs here in Bayahibe. Help them reach their goal of $5,000 to restore the corals of Bayahibe. They also always look for volunteers interested in marine research on the field. Only together can our community can make a difference!

Fundemar Coral Conservation and Restoration!

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Centro de Estudios Costeros Marinos

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