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Fundación MIR 2In an event that took place on Tuesday August 26th at the school for boys, MIR Esperanza, Fundación MIR received for the second consecutive year a special donation from Scotiabank – US$25,000 dollars – to sponsor the school’s automotive mechanics program. This noble donation will cover the tuition of 23 students enrolled in the automotive mechanics program at the Fundacion MIR, as well as the monthly fees, uniforms and transportation for the entire school year. Fundación MIR 5 Fundación MIRThe 23 beneficiaries of these scholarships were, of course, present at the event to thank both Scotiabank and Fundación MIR for their generosity and show what it means to them to have been given this opportunity. Some of them, demonstrating eloquent public speaking skills, learnt at the Fundación MIR, took to the stage to express how much the Fundacion MIR has impacted their lives. This celebratory ceremony saw Chiara Borrelli, First Vice President and Head of the Scotiabank in the Dominican Republic present the generously large check to Lian Fanjul de Azqueta, President of the Fundación MIR. “The generosity of Scotiabank in support of this program allows us to continue developing of youth education for future success” expressed Lian Fanjul de Azqueta when receiving the donation, alongside her daughter Lyanne Azqueta, Executive Director of the Fundacion MIR. Fundación MIR 1 Daniel Baez and Kevin Inoa, 2 students who form part of the group who benefited from the first donation received last year, spoke the words of appreciation on behalf of all of their classmates for being able to maintain the scholarship of the automobile mechanic studies two years in a row. Also taking part in he ceremony was Mrs. Lissa Jimenez, Public Affairs for Scotiabank, and Daniel Sánchez, Scotiabank Branch Manager in La Romana. The following collection of photographs were taken, by Alejandro Heredia, during the donation ceremony at Fundación MIR: