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The Fundación MIR has signed an agreement with the National Institute of Integral Attention to Early Childhood (INAIPI) to manage a Comprehensive Early Childhood Care Center (CAIPI) for 100 children in La Romana.

The agreement was signed by the president of Fundación MIR, Lian Fanjul, and the executive director of INAIPI, Besaida Manola Santana de Báez, to improve the quality of life for children in vulnerable communities in the province.

Santana de Báez expressed her satisfaction with the agreement, signed during a ceremony held at the INAIPI Convention Center, as it will strengthen attention directed towards children and their families and positively impact vulnerable communities in La Romana.

Mrs. Fanjul expressed her gratitude to Santana for allowing Fundación MIR to collaborate with INAIPI, saying it is her and her daughter’s dream to invest in early childhood education to provide children with a solid foundation for primary education.

About the agreement

The agreement stipulates the integration of Fundación MIR, under the co-management modality, through a CAIPI that will provide quality services to 100 children aged 0-5 in La Romana. Fundación MIR commits to implementing the Centers for Comprehensive Care for Early Childhood programs and actions included in the INAIPI Care Model.

Fundación MIR will develop services with the implementation of the components of the attention model, including initial education, different protocols and operational instruments, and the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation system established for the program to ensure performance and quality standards.

Additionally, Fundación MIR will coordinate with other sectors for social protection and children’s rights, provide programmatic and financial accountability, offer reference and counter-reference services for children with special needs and disabilities to the affiliated institutions as appropriate, and promote the organization in service networks.

INAIPI, in turn, will provide timely economic support for the center’s operational needs managed by Fundación MIR. The agreement is valid for two years and renewable.

INAIPI will also support Fundación MIR in initial and continuous training programs for human resources to ensure knowledge and ownership of the established attention model.


It is the entity responsible for managing the provision of high-quality comprehensive care services to children aged 0-5 and their families during early childhood. One of our priorities is to foster conditions for families and communities to be integrated in the management, monitoring, and care of services, thus promoting the generation of social responsibility.