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Fundación MIR golf tournament: making a difference together

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MIR GolfGolf! Golf! Golf! Here in Casa de Campo we LOVE golf! We love to golf alone, we love to golf with our buddies, but most of all we love to golf in a big group- uniting for a great cause. 

MIR GolfWhy? Well here in Casa de Campo, golfing is awesome. 5 golf courses designed by the legendary Pete Dye, including the Teeth of the Dog (just ranked as #46 in the world by Golf Magazine), that’s not bad at all!

But why do we love to play all together? Well first of all, the Casa de Campo community is also pretty awesome (if we do say so ourselves), and second of all, when we all come together for a good cause – we really make a difference! For example, when the more than 100 golfers of the Fundación MIR Family Weekend for Life teed off last Saturday August 16th around the La Romana Country Club, the money raised meant that this week the Fundación MIR was able to send more than 1500 students from the local La Romana area to school – to get a good education!

MIR Golf

MIR GolfWhen you’re playing alone and you lose a ball, that’s depressing, when you play with your buddies and a ball ends up in the ocean… well that can be embarrassing, but when you’re playing in a golf tournament and you hear the dreaded ‘plop’, at least you can shrug that sinking feeling off with the thought ‘it’s for a good cause’. And it really is. In fact just yesterday the Fundación MIR celebrated it’s high school graduation – a celebration that saw 137 bright, young things head out into the world to make a difference, and who gave them that opportunity? The Fundación MIR – thanks to YOU and your participation in golf tournaments!

So win or lose, thanks to all who participated in the Fundación MIR Family Weekend golf tournament!

Click here for photos of the PARTY! (Because we know you love that!)

And click here for photos of the tennis tournament!

Results – Fundación MIR Family Weekend Golf Tournament

Champions: Nathalia, Diego, Gonzalo Sanchez de Leon and Sofía Renedo

Second place: Kalil Hache, Gabriel Roig, Alejandro Santelises and Jaime Mota

The following collection of photos were taken by Alejandro Heredia at the Fundación MIR Family Weekend golf tournament played in Casa de Campo at the La Romana Country Club: 

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