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Fundación MIR Celebrates the Importance of Families

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Fundación_MIR_1In the Dominican Republic, November is traditionally a month dedicated to the family. So on Thursday, November 26th, Fundación MIR held a Family Day, opening its doors to all parents and guardians of its students.

Fundación_MIR_2In 1971, November was designated as family month in order to educate citizens in the formation of families with positive values and ideals for society. To commemorate this fundamental, Fundación MIR, an institution contributing to the education of thousands of children and serving as an essential part of many families, held Family Day and formed activities for parents to listen to stories with children, make crafts embodying family, and share experiences with other members of MIR.

The event was attended by Mr. Ronald Maidens, director of the MIR schools, and Christina Fernandez, director of the MIR Elementary School, who reflected happily on the occasion for its success and meaningfulness to families,“in the family activities, parents expressed many positive things; they were all quite grateful to the work we are carrying out in our foundation”.Fundación_MIR_5

Father Raysi Guerrero, Pastor of the Parish of San Antonio de Padua and Sister Reyna Avendano, also attended and addressed notions of family and religion. Fundación MIR organized this important day to seek to strengthen family bonds and provide a brighter future for our society.

See below to view Fundación MIR’s Family Day held at the MIR Esperanza School on Thursday, November 26th, 2015: 

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