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In a collaborative effort, the Fundación MIR, the National Institute for Comprehensive Early Childhood Care (INAIPI), and the Children and Adolescents Cabinet have inaugurated the Center for Comprehensive Early Childhood Care (CAIPI) Fundación Mir Niño Jesús. The CAIPI, operating under a co-management model, aims to provide vital services to 100 three-year-old children.

The inauguration ceremony was led by First Lady Raquel Arbaje, the honorary president of the Children and Adolescents Cabinet, Besaida Manola Santana, the executive director of INAIPI, and Lian Fanjul and Lyanne Azqueta Fanjul. The newly opened CAIPI boasts four classrooms and will operate under the INAIPI model.

Arbaje expressed her enthusiasm at witnessing the generosity of the human spirit and praised the work carried out by the Fundación MIR to support those most in need, especially vulnerable children.

Manola Santana noted that the co-management CAIPI was constructed in a record-breaking five months and 15 days, demonstrating that when nonprofit organizations and government entities join forces, they can achieve results that benefit early childhood development.

Lian Fanjul emphasized that the new CAIPI will provide a foundation in moral and Christian values for children, enabling them to receive a quality education and become contributing members of society.

The CAIPI Fundación MIR Niño Jesús is a co-management partnership, with the Fundación Mir handling the construction and equipping of the center. At the same time, INAIPI covers operational expenses and staffing, as outlined in the agreement signed on March 15 of this year.

Construction of the new center, located adjacent to the Fundación MIR’s polytechnic facility in the Altos de Río community of La Romana, began in March of this year to benefit infants and families identified by the Fundación MIR living in vulnerable conditions.

Distinguished Guests

The inauguration event was attended by Nancy Handal, director-general of the Office of the First Lady; Sandra Hernández, treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Fundación MIR; and Monique Acevedo, director of the Fundación MIR’s schools. From INAIPI, Johanna Elías, director of Service Network Management; Penélope Melo, director of Child Development; Juan Tomás Méndez, director of Operations; Adelfa Feliz, in charge of the Eastern Region; and Mary Patricia Cordero, head of the CAIPI Substitutes Division, were among the esteemed executives present.

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