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Introducing Fundación Lirio del Valle

Fundación Lirio del Valle

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Fundación Lirio del Valle 6The Casa de Campo community has long since been characterized by the solidarity and support provided to the neediest. Some ladies from Casa de Campo decided to continue with this practice bringing smiles and joy to 120 children of the Fundación Lirio del Valle.

Below, this group of ladies tell us a little more of this foundation, which has more than five years in operation and has contributed to the welfare of these children living in poverty.

Fundación Lirio del ValleAllow me to introduce you to Fundación Lirio del Valle, a non-profit organization run by volunteers and mothers of some of the 120 children that comprise this foundation. The foundation was started in 2009 by Anna Maria Pla, at that time a villa owner originally from Barcelona. The foundation’s focus is on providing education to the children in Villa Caoba, one of the poorest sections in La Romana. Our aim is to provide the best possible education that can be afforded for these children. For that we seek sponsors willing to assist in providing an opportunity of a better life to one or more of our children. We are happy to say that we have several sponsors that support the program and of course are always willing to welcome more.

As an added support to the children, we currently provide one meal a week on Saturday. The age of the children varies from 3 to 13. Some of the 13 and over are requested to help the volunteers in the running of the Saturday activities. On these Saturdays you will find a happy and always smiling Dolly Esteban, the soul of the foundation; supported by Anne Heffelfinger and, Evangelina Uckert. There is of course the coordinator and schoolteacher, Aracelis Avila, the heart of the foundation, who amazes all with his proverbial memory knowing names, family and addresses of all the children.

Fundación Lirio del Valle 4

Should you wish to know more about the Fundación Lirio del Valle, do please contact any one of us helping as volunteers:

  • Dolly Esteban: Casa de Campo (809) 523-8354, cel (809) 330-7644
  • Anne Heffelfinger: Casa de Campo
  • Evangelina Uckert: (809) 523-8015, Casa de Campo.
  • Aracelis Avila, Coordinator: (829) 752-9335.

We would also like to mention that we will be happy to receive any help, of any kind, given to us either for the use of the children or for their families. Needless to say they are all in need.

Thanking you for your kind attention.

Fundacion Lirio del Valle – R.N.C.: 430104337.

Fundación Lirio del Valle

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