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Fundación Altice will benefit more than 1,800 students from Fundación MIR schools with free internet

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The telecommunications company Altice, through its Foundation, signed an agreement with the Fundación MIR for the installation and free provision of high-speed internet for 3 years, for its two educational centers with a total of 1,800 students.

In a meeting held at the facilities of the Fundación MIR Esperanza, both entities agreed that Altice will provide the 100 Mbps internet service to the Fundación MIR and MIR Esperanza schools, whose curricular proposal is based on a technical training aimed at productivity and insertion in the labor market.

Ana Figueiredo, CEO of Altice, indicated that the objective is to grant free access to the Internet in the different digital study classrooms in these schools, which will allow greater and efficient development of technology and computer training programs, as well as support for learning key curricular subjects.

For these purposes, the company will offer talks and trainings for the benefit of the Fundación MIR and the content will be adapted to the educational needs of the schools, focusing on knowledge based on IT (hardware, software), APP development, use of technologies, among others.

Mrs. Lian Fanjul de Azqueta, founding president of the Fundación MIR, together with Mrs. Lyanne Azqueta Fanjul thanked, on behalf of the foundation, the students and parents, for this collaboration that Altice Dominicana is carrying out and that will allow a more agile online training with the current reality that the country and the world is experiencing, using technology to guarantee continuity of training and education.

“As part of our intervention strategy in matters of social responsibility and sustainability, one of the pillars on which Altice’s social investment is focused on is creating impact and development in quality digital education”, highlighted Ana Figueiredo, CEO of Altice.

She continued by saying that education in digital matters, such as social inclusion, helps to reduce the digital divide in the Dominican Republic. This is the reason why Fundación Altice works on providing connectivity in digital rooms for organizations like Fundación MIR that generates educational development with excellent results for young Dominicans.

[Photos courtesy of Fundación MIR]

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