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father sonOn Saturday July 20th, 2013 many children and their families turned out for an afternoon of fun and games at the Summer Family Fair hosted and organized by Altos de Chavón at the “Fish Fountain”. Endless fun was had bouncing on the juegos inflables (inflatable games), while a schedule of traditional Dominican games activities and activities provided hours of entertainment. From 4:00 p.m. children of all ages flooded into the fun fair area, where they were greeted by the sight of 3 circus-colored “juegos inflables” – complete with slides! You can imagine the excitement on their faces! Among the little ones running, screaming, laughing and smiling were a group of children from the Orfanato Niños y Niñas de Cristo (orphanage) in La Romana. Perhaps the happiest of all the children taking part, these boys and girls from the orphanage had been brought to take part by Casa de Campo villa owners Josephine Lolli-Ghetti and Deena Lynn Mckelvey. Both ladies, great supporters of the orphanage foundation, told, that they had selected the most well-behaved children to enjoy an afternoon at the fair in Altos de Chavón.

Children of the Orphanage in Altos de Chavón

Part of the schedule of entertainment was a series of traditional Dominican party games such as “una canelita”, “gavilán gato”, “la esquinita”, “el loco paralizado”, “flori convento”, “me caí entre un pozo”, “zapa-tito de charol” and “el zun zun de la carabela”!

The program also included a magic show, with the magician Vangelis, who huddled together on a red blanket, had the toddlers giggling and amazed at his repertoire of tricks!

Vangelis doing a magic trick in Altos de Chavóngimnasio casa de campo

Towards the end of the day, a Taekwondo exhibition was led by Arquímedes de Jesus, instructor at the Casa de Campo Gym, whose students from La Romana and Casa de Campo showcased their skills. Among the group was Thriony Pilier from La Romana, who Arquímedes is taking to participate in the World Taekwondo Hanmadang 2013 in South Korea at the end of August. 

Undoubtedly, the Summer Family Fair in Altos de Chavón was a great success and a really fun time, not only for the children of the community of Casa de Campo, but also for many other families from La Romana. The following pictures were taken at the Summer Family Fair in Altos de Chavón, on Saturday the 20th of July, 2013: Thank you Altos de Chavón – we hope you do another activity like this soon!