Who doesn’t love to watch a beautiful sunset? And even better than that is photographing it (in my opinion at least), so here we bring you some fun photos to take a sunset!

These snaps were taken on a recent stroll around the Dye Fore golf course, when we were blessed to witness the sun melt into the horizon and flood the sky in blue, pink, orange and then red light. At first we just snapped away at the sunset, but seeing the beautiful way the silhouettes of the trees and cacti enhanced the pictures, we started to get creative and have a little fun…

So here we bring you 10 awesome and fun photos to take next time you see a pretty sunset!

1. The natural silhouette

2. The jump

3. Peace

4. The silly selfie

5. Yoga / meditation pose

6. A #fail of the yoga pose attempt

7. LOVE!

8. OK

9. The rabbit

10. A pouting profile

Any recommendations? Let us know what else we could do next time we spot a beautiful sunset!