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Palmilla, beautiful Palmilla how we love you! So recently when our good friend Rick Rosemarin offered to take us aboard his boat the ’50 50′ our answer was ‘YES PLEASE!’ So here are some photos and the story of a fun day out in Palmilla!

Before I begin for those of you who don’t know, Palmilla is a natural swimming pool, just off the coast of the Dominican Republic, reachable by boat from the Marina Casa de Campo. It is characterised by its beautiful clear blue waters and is a popular spot for tourists and Casa de Campo residents to spend the day relaxing or partying.

On this particular day, we, a rowdy group of 12 set out (a little later than planned), but arrived at Palmilla just in time for lunch. When we arrived the scene was picture perfect, the water so blue, with just a few other boats enjoying the gorgeously sunny day.

It was nice and quiet before we arrived…..

POP! To celebrate our safe arrival at Palmilla we opened our first bottle of champagne, bought a couple of fresh lobsters from some passing fisherman and got to work on our tans, whilst the men got to work on their beers and the BBQ!

Larry and Lonatella the Lobsters


After a delicious lunch of BBQ meats, lobsters and salad we all relaxed on the back of the boat, enjoying the sun, dancing a little, we finished all the champagne and so started drinking beers. Very nice and relaxing!


The crew chillaxing!

Being 12 young-ish people, when we spotted a ‘party’ catamaran nearby we decided to sail over and dock alongside and get in on some of the party action: a great idea except for climbing from a normal boat to a catamaran is not exactly easy. As it turned out we all pretty much decided to stay on our own boat, but nevertheless enjoyed absorbing the party boat from our neighbours, who had their own DJ.

Some beautiful ladies on our neighbouring boat

Never being one to take the ‘easy’ path, I decided it was of the utmost importance that I get onto the party catamaran and take some photos (all in the name of journalism), so up I climbed and here I bring you the fruits of my labour: photos from the catamaran and some photos of our crew:

And there you have it – a great day in Palmilla!

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