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Since September, Camp Frost from Santo Domingo has returned to Casa de Campo after the huge success they had in their first weekend providing fun to little ones.

The schedule has been the same ever since, with EVERY Saturday, the Camp Frost team coming together at Playa Minitas to have a blast! An afternoon full of fun with the kids, allows children to let out energy, interact with friends and new faces, share toys and work together. Parents can relax in the sun while their children play nearby or even join in the games too!

The last Dueños 2015 weekend was no exception, and our friends from Camp Frost went above and beyond to make the little Dueños from our Casa de Campo Community enjoy the afternoon. Traditional games like “Duck, Duck, Goose!” were much harder while running in the sand! While building castles in the soft, pristine sand became a team effort as all children had plenty of ideas how to make it the best. sand. castle. ever!

We hope you and your little ones will join Camp Frost next Saturday (11am – 4pm) for FUN IN THE SUN at Playa Minitas!