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Undoubtedly, urban music lives its best moment and every day it continues to expand and reach more people, more generations, in the world. The “Dura Tour” by Daddy Yankee and “La Nueva Religion” by Bad Bunny coincided in space and time in the best possible scenario. More than five thousand spectators enjoyed an energetic concert that gave them no rest and that was trending on social networks. One of the things that has always been said about Daddy Yankee is that when he comes to stage he delivers, and he demonstrated this it, with his experience in the one of the most important stages of the world, the Altos de Chavón amphitheater.

The opening of the show was in charge of DJ Kambax Rosario and when the clock struck 9:15 at night, a giant screen was lit on the stage with a chronometer counting down to give way to the interpreter of “Tú no metes cabra”, “Estamos bien”, “Me acostumbré”, “Diles”, “ Solita” and “Si tu novio te deja sola”, among others that Bad Bunny delivered to the public in an hour of presentation. The artist took had all the attendees enjoying the concert. Before concluding his part, he thanked the Puerto Ricans who had come all the way to La Romana to see the show, but also thanked the whole crowd for helping his songs become hits. “Thank you, Dominican Republic, for opening the doors of your beautiful country.” The turn of Daddy Yankee arrived at 11:00 at night, who had under his responsibility to maintain the adrenaline high, and he did! Daddy Yankee, showing that he still has the ability to get the crowed pumped, has had a year of great hits and showed that his talent for improvisation is stronger than ever. To keep the spark on, he started with it came out with“Gasolina”, “Rompe”, “King Daddy” and “Lo que pasó pasó.” The “Big Boss” had everybody dancing and singing from beginning to end, while moving around the stage engaging the audience, something that has become so characteristic of his presentations. He also recreated his signature “windshield” dance with cell phone and flashes. There was no shortage of his timeless hits of the times of Playero, with a medley that revived those moments of “parties de marquesina (house parties)”. “Dominican Republic, you are witnessing a historic moment, the union of two leaders of the movement of different generations. Thanks for being here.” stated Yankee during the night. Bad Bunny returned to the stage to sing “Vuelve” with Daddy Yankee. His presentation ended at 12:15 at night, just when the rain began while he sang “Ella me levantó” and “Despacito” along with the audience. Andrés Pichardo Rosenberg, president of Casa de Campo Resort, said that Casa de Campo is a complete resort that offers high quality of shows such as these leaders of the urban musical genre: “Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny gave us a night that the public could enjoy at large, as we expected it to be, an experience to remember.” Below a gallery of photos of the concert that took place on November 3 the amphitheater of Altos de Chavón: