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From Altos de Chavón to New York! “Kandela!” performer recruited by the Ballet Hispanico


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Alexander Duval, dancer in Altos de Chavón’s Dominican music and dance extravaganza “Kandela!” and member of the Ballet Nacional Dominicano, who recently performed “Colors of the Dance”  in the amphitheater has just been recruited by the Ballet Hispanico group in New York. Here we share with you an article contributed to us by Ana Pereya, Productions and Entertainments Manager at the Altos de Chavón amphitheater – a piece written with great pride   for this young Dominican talent. 

There are time in life when saying “goodbye”, or rather “see you later” is said with great joy and not with sadness and this is one of those times.

balletAlexander Duval started to dance in Kandela! when he was barely 15 years old and during his 4 years with us, everyone who worked with him noticed and were affected by not only his incredible talent, but also his dedication, discipline and passion.

As the years went by, Alexander became part of the Ballet Nacional Dominicano, as, until now one of their Principle Dancers. However, he did continue dancing in Kandela!, where his contagious happiness animated not only the tourists who enjoy the show, but also his fellow performers.

Today we have the pleasure of announcing that Alexander, at just 19 years old, will no longer form part of Kandela!, not because we don’t want him but because he has been selected for the  Ballet Hispanico in New York and will now form part of their prestigious company.

The Ballet Hispánico, under the direction of Eduardo Vilario was founded in 1970, by the prestigious artist; Tina Ramírez. The Ballet Hispánico explores, preserves and celebrates latino culture through dance.

We wish Alexander the very best in New York and we hope that the world will enjoy his talent as much as we have done here in Altos de Chavón.

— Ana I. Pereyra, Productions and Entertainments Manager at the Altos de Chavón amphitheater

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