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Gaia Earth Alchemy

Our friends at Fresh Fresh Café in Altos de Chavón are pleased to invite us to another one of their “Fresh Talks”.

This is a part of a series of activities they hold periodically, which aim to help us learn about organic products of all kinds, on how they benefit our body, and everything that has to do with eating, looking, and being healthy.

And who is responsible for the talks? Well, this time we’ll have the opportunity to chat with the team from Gaia Earth Alchemy from Sosua on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Gaia Earth Alchemy focus on skin care through natural and organic products.

With the title “Healthy skin for a healthy planet”, people from Gaia will share with us the tips we need to know on how to treat our skin in order to look our best! The aim is to make us understand how our body works and how certain natural products can help clean and get our skin looking better.

So don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to take care for your body in the right way. We hope to see you there!

Photo courtesy from Gaia Earth Alchemy Facebook page.

Fresh Talks Gaia

Fresh Talk with Gaia Earth Alchemy

Date: Wednesday,September 9th, 6pm

Location: Fresh Fresh Café, Altos de Chavón

Want to know more? You can keep up with the People from Gaia through their social networks: – – Facebook: Gaia Earth Alchemy