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Fourth Annual Contemporary Haitian Art Exhibit


For the last four years, we have had the privilege to participate in the a Hatian Art Exhibit taking place in Casa de Campo, hosted by long time villa owner José Buera and Gael Monnin, manager and owner of the Galerie Monnin, in Pétionville, Haiti. This coming Saturday the 22nd of August will mark the Fourth Annual Contemporary Haitian Art Exhibit in Casa de Campo.

Almost five years ago, José Buera was looking for a vintage Properre Pierre-Louis loa for his vodou art collection. After a year of looking with no success, he stumbled into Gael Monnin though a mutual contact in the Small World Network. Promptly Gael offered him a unique piece from her family collection that José could not refuse. Grateful for having been offered an opportunity to acquire such a rare piece, José invited Gael to visit Casa de Campo. Gael accepted on one condition, she would come as long as she could have an art exhibit over in the DR. Three weeks after the purchase, Gael showed up in Punta Minitas with a truckload of Haitian paintings and her sister, internationally renowned painter Pascale Monnin. And so was the beginning of a great friendship.

Gael and Jose, both shocked at the lack of mutual knowledge between the neighboring nations, seized the chance to use the art exhibit as a way to promote Haitian culture in the Dominican Republic. Now on its fourth year, the art exhibit and party has become a fun way for Casa de Campo residents and villa owners to get a glimpse at parts of Haitian culture otherwise alien to the Dominican community.

The setting for the annual Haitian Art Exhibit, is a work of art itself – Punta Minitas 37. A modernist Caribbean villa that when finished in the mid 80s was literally on the edge of the resort, and now finds itself in the heart of it. The villa overlooks the Marina Casa de Campo and the Caribbean Sea, providing an ideal setting for enjoying Haitian art.

For those not familiar with modern Hatian Art, this event is one to make sure to attend. Haitian Art is unique in its combination of ancestral traditions with outstanding craftmanship. Its origins date to the early 20th century, when untrained local craftmen were given access to paint and brushes developing their unique way of capturing their world around them. Vodou and its rituals are ever present in Haitian art, just as it permeates Haitian daily life. From its early origins in the 20th century Haitian art has travelled a varied path from the creation of art naïve to the development of internationally recognized as like Hyppolite, and movements like the Saint Soleil. Ever evolving, new faces have appeared in the Haitian art scene that continues to capture international recognition, with painters like Mario Benjamin or sculptors like Lherrison.

This year’s exhibit focuses on pieces from Haitian contemporary art scene, highlighting works from Mario Banjamin, Pascale Monnin, Marc Lee Stead, or Clerisier, combined with Vodou religious art sculptures and artifacts.

To learn a little more about the History of Haitian Art, visit:


The exhibition is open to all art lovers in Casa de Campo whom may be looking to experience something new, or may just be looking for that perfect piece for their foyer. So whether your in the mood for something a little exotic, or just up for a fun evening of art and culture with friends, be sure drop by this Saturday after 7 pm.

For additional event information for those of you with Facebook accounts, please visit our event page.

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