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Found Online – “Home away from home” Amazing experience review of Casa de Campo Resort & Villas

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We at Casa de Campo Living always love stumbling upon items describing our fair resort and residential community that is Casa de Campo! From time to time, we’ll even go ahead and re-post anything that catches our fancy… this is one such blog posting, where the author describes Casa de Campo Resort & Villas as “Home away from home”

This article was originally posted by Laura Sangster on her blog Caribbean Journey. We love how she shares her experience in Casa de Campo, beautiful photos and how takes her time to describe everything about Casa, from what to do, what to eat, and how to enjoy your time here during your stay. Below you will find extracts of her article and a link to read the complete blog post. Linked below is also a full review of Altos de Chavón that she wrote!

C A S A D E C A M P O is one of those hotels in the Caribbean that once you visit, all you can think of is returning. As you enjoy the privacy of your luxury oceanfront villa, you can’t help but start thinking about who’s going to make it on the guestlist for your next trip. As you wander the picturesque artist community of Altos de Chavon, you can’t help but feel that there are so many hidden gems begging to be discovered. There is so much to see and do on this 7000-acre property that one trip isn’t enough. Caribbean Journey visited recently and I’m going to share how we spent our days in hopes of inspiring your next Caribbean Vacation.

Casa de Campo offers the best of both worlds. It is a full-service hotel with hotel rooms + suites and has hundreds of private villas available for rent. The combination of having these two accommodation styles on the same property makes it an excellent option for groups, such as a family reunion. If you book a private villa for your immediate family, and others decide to join, they have the option of renting an additional villa or perhaps just a hotel room, depending on the need.

I’ve been booking villas in the Caribbean for over 20 years, but Casa de Campo always intimidated me. I couldn’t grasp the layout from the dozen or so maps I’ve studied. I wasn’t sure how all of the activities they offer, and fine dining restaurants on property, could fit in a villa vacation. This property required more than a travel agent tour; it needed complete and total immersion. Suffice to say; our immersion project was a total success! I am incredibly confident in my knowledge of Casa de Campo now, and I’m excited for the opportunity to help our clients pick the best villa for their future vacations! 

– Text and pictures by Caribbean Journey, to read the complete blog post click here

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